Chop Top Porsche 997 GT2 Race Car Is Stunning

Chop Top Porsche 997 GT2 Race Car Is Stunning

Albert Motorsport out in Germany is well known for tuning and racing Porsches, but their newest project is probably their most attractive and unique yet.

Dubbed Project GT2 R Flat, a run-of-the-mill black 997 was converted into a 997 GT2 race car sporting a chop top. The lowered roof gives the Porsche 997 an entirely new profile, one that almost looks awkward and weird at first glance. But once you get past the unique proportions of the race car, its sleek profile makes it one of the best looking Porsche race cars we’ve seen in a long time.

Details are bleak about the car, but we’re sure it’s a formidable one considering the stable of Porsche race cars that Albert Motorsport has.

GALLERY: Albert Motorsport Chop Top Porsche 997 GT2


[Source: Jon Sibal]

  • Ryan

    needed to mod the front to make it shorter. it looks….strange having a nose stick out that long proportionately.