Classic American Muscle Left to Rot in Japan [Video]

Classic American Muscle Left to Rot in Japan [Video]

Daniel O’Grady runs a website called Japanese Castle Explorer, where he documents and shares his experiences while exploring all of Japan’s historical castles. O’Grady is an Australian who also clearly has a passion for classic American muscle, for when he came across this lot of rusted vintage American muscle cars, he couldn’t help but share his pain with the world.

This cemetery of American awesomeness is located in Kurume City on Kyushu Island and the collection of cars seems to be unrelated to last year’s tragic earthquake and tsunami. No, these classics were left to rot long before.

O’Grady goes through each vehicle highlighting them one by one, with several Chevy Corvettes, classic Camaros, Ford Mustangs and even a Pontiac Trans Am. It’s a shame that such history has been left to just rot and become rusted. Our assumption would be that some members of the American military had them shipped over there and perhaps they were abandoned once their deployment ended. It’s even more strange though that they’ve just been sitting there untouched for who knows how many years.

Check out the video below.

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  • bugstomper

    Of course, they’re Gas Guzzlers! [But still nice cars.]

  • Fukuokan

    I bet the mandatory inspections got too costly.

  • Bev

    I feel your pain Dan!!!!

  • Richsettino

    I hope someone with the means to rescue and restore those classics watches your video.  If I had the cash I would be there in a second!  The Z28 and the Mustang Fastback are worth upwards of $30,000 restored.

  • There is just no love left in this world !! Why import such beautiful cars then dump them ??  

  • Jun

    Pontiac Firebird: 1970-1981, 2nd generation the second photo is the trans-am