Controlled Quantum Levitation Brings Wipeout To Reality [Video]

Controlled Quantum Levitation Brings Wipeout To Reality [Video]

We’re not going to sit here and pretend we actually know what’s going on in this video, other than the fact that it’s just really awesome.

Back in the days of the original Gran Turismo on Sony’s first Playstation, there was a futuristic racing game called Wipeout that essentially featured levitating racing ships. Now Sony decided to play a clever hoax by pretending to be the Japanese Institute of Science and Technology to bring Wipeout to real life.

The video basically showcases the concept of quantum levitation with hopes to “revolutionize the world of motor transport”. We believe Sony just wanted to make Wipeout happen in real life.

This demo of quantum levitation is purely clever marketing, but awesome nonetheless to watch. Essentially when an electrically and magnetically neutral object is super-cooled to below -301 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes a superconductor. That means it conducts electricity with no resistance and no energy loss.

Got that much? Thanks to the Meissner effect, these superconductive objects repel magnetic fields essentially allowing an object to hover above a magnetic track. Sony puts all that to magic, demonstrating what it would be like to have their concepts a reality in our world.

So why would we believe it’s Sony? Simple, the Copyright in the video belongs to Sony (and not just because of the use of Wipeout’s logo) – but also the fact that Sony has a new Wipeout game coming out in February. Clever.

Make sure to check out the awesome video after the break.

[Source: CNet News]

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