Coverking Bespoke Program Has Custom Cars Completely Covered [Video]

Coverking Bespoke Program Has Custom Cars Completely Covered [Video]

You’ve spent a lot of time and money customizing your car, so you want to protect every inch of it. No worries – Coverking has got you covered.

Coverking has just launched its Bespoke program which is ideal for rare or customized vehicles that don’t necessarily fit underneath a standard cover. You can order a perfect fitting custom-made cover for your pride and joy. To get that perfect fit, Coverking uses specialized scanners to take 3D measurements of your car. Once the measurements have been taken, you can get your cover within a week of ordering it. And the price is pretty reasonable too, boasting a base price of $900. There are options when it comes to fabrics and colors, and there are different custom piping, embroidery, and logos to choose from.

If you’re interested in Coverking’s Bespoke program, visit the website for more information. And be sure to check out the video of Coverking in action after the jump.

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  • marcie

    WOW! this is a really cool idea (but I’m a fan all things custom). I also like ‘bespoke’ being used in this way :-). Coverking, it looks like an awesome product for people who take the time to customize their car. Good luck with it! This site has some awesome custom car accessories too

  • Brian

    Custom car covers are insanely expensive. Garage parked ftw