Dodge Dart Will Get Hyundai Transmission

Dodge Dart Will Get Hyundai Transmission

Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik recently confirmed that they’ll be supplying Chrysler with the six-speed automatic transmission that will be found in the new Dodge Dart.

The announcement gets our attention since Chrysler and Hyundai recently split from the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) which also involved Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi. As a result from GEMA, the Dart uses similar 2.0L and 2.4L  engines that Hyundai also uses. Those two powerplants are the ones that Dodge will outfit with the six-speed automatic transmission.

It appears that Chrysler needed to source a six-speed automatic transmission quickly – mostly for fuel economy figures – and went with Hyundai’s transmission since it easily mated to their two engines. Unfortunately Chrysler won’t confirm the purchase agreement and Hyundai won’t reveal any specifics other than the fact that they are supplying a six-speed automatic transmission.

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[Source: Car and Driver]