First Production Toyota 2000GT Up For Sale

First Production Toyota 2000GT Up For Sale

The genesis of the Japanese supercar, the 1967 Toyota 2000GT is the first All-Japanese limited-production sports car to gain international recognition, changing impressions of the Japanese auto industry overnight.

Without a true successor until Lexus presented its LF-A supercar more than four decades later, the 2000GT is a rare beauty and opportunities to find such a collectible are few and far between. However, Maine Line Exotics has announced that such an opportunity has risen.

The particular example being offered is serial #MF10-100001, also known as the very first production Toyota 2000GT. As one of the original three cars that Toyota delivered to Shelby American Racing,  #MF10-100001 entered the 1968 season of SCCA as #23, racing in the hands of driver Davey Jordan.

Currently, the #MF10-100001 2000GT lies in the private collection of Bob Tkacik and Peter Star of Main Line Exotics. However, that can change if you could put up $1.7 million. Head over to Maine Line Exotics for details.

[Source: Autoblog]