Ford Mustang Four-Cylinder, Independent Rear Suspension Rumors Addressed

Ford Mustang Four-Cylinder, Independent Rear Suspension Rumors Addressed

At the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Ford‘s head of product development Derrick Kuzak addressed some of the rumors circulating about their famed Mustang sports car. Though many of Kuzak’s answers are vague and don’t give a real conclusion, some reading in between the lines gives us a hint of things to come.

In terms of independent rear suspension being a possibility for the next-generation Mustang, Kuzak stated that it was a tad early to even speak about it but that recognizing Ford’s commitment to product excellence, “it will probably give you a sense of direction we [Ford] have.” But things got interesting when asked about a four-cylinder Mustang, Kuzak answered with:

Let me put this in context. When we talked about downsizing to six-cylinders in F-series trucks several years ago, people looked at us like we were crazy. You can take the same view about Mustang.”

While Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally said, “This is one of the coolest things about EcoBoost. You get all that torque at the low rpm so you not only get all the bandwidth, but you get a machine that’s even more fun to drive. We didn’t know how everybody was going to accept that, but wow have they ever accepted that.”

Even though it clearly doesn’t state anything – and we never expected Ford to come outright and say a four-cylinder Mustang is in the works – it’s not hard to believe that a Mustang with an EcoBoost four-cylinder is already being developed.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]

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