GM Offers Saab Owners a Little Incentive

GM Offers Saab Owners a Little Incentive

It seems that General Motors is feeling a little guilty for how things went down with Saab, but just a little guilty. GM will be contacting 70,000 plus Saab owners and offering them the “GM Saab private offer” to help quell any negative feelings left over after the closing of Saab’s doors.

The incentives won’t be huge, but may be just enough to convince some consumers to replace their old Saab with a new GM product. The Saab private offer listed on the GM website is as follows:

Beginning January 4, 2012 and continuing through February 29, 2012, select General Motors SAAB customers are eligible for the SAAB Private Offer off the purchase or lease of new vehicles.  Refer to program 12-40CR for official guidelines and vehicle eligibility.

SAAB Private Offer: • $250 Chevy Equinox, Sonic, & Volt, GMC Terrain, & Buick Verano • $500 all other Buick, Chevy and GMC vehicles • $1,000 all Cadillacs, Chevy Corvette, Avalanche, Silverado, and GMC Sierra

We will have to wait and see if these meager offerings are enough to swing some favor in the Generals direction.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Mags

    Really, I’m to trade in my Saab, purchased when GM still owned them, for a $250-$500 “private offer” (noting I can’t possibly afford the car that will get me the grand)? Hell, I’ll bet they shave that right off of the already meager trade-in value, netting me 0.00 benefit. Thanks GM.

  • Insulted

    As the owner of a 2005 Saab, I hadn’t really felt any ill-will towards GM specifically – just that it was a shame that things didn’t work out and the resale value of my car is now negligible. The fact that GM has decided to make this offer is actually insulting and more of a slap in the face then if they had decided to do nothing. What a joke!

  • David

    Owning two SAABs an in the market for a seven passenger car, I kept my SAABs and avoided ANY GM brand, as I will for the rest of my life.

  • Joe

    Hey GM, do you remember the bad news bears? Quote from Tanner (altered a bit) “Hey GM, you can take your stinkin offer and shove it straight up you’re a$$!). Thanks for nothing and I mean that literally. I wish I could have had a say in my tax dollars bailing your sorry company out of debt, I would have quoted the same phrase. I open the hood of my 2010 Saab and what is the first thing I see, your horrid logo on all the hoses, yet you won’t honor the warranty. I hope you go under; I will never buy a GM product again.

  • Jason

    I can not think of a single educated person in my social sphere that has, or will, purchase a GM product. I thought that the only people who bought GM cars were uneducated lemmings in the South and Midwest. GM could have been a good steward of Saab. They could have had a hit with people who would not buy their domestic products. Instead they did everything in their power to starve and destroy Saab. If I can not buy Saabs in the future my business will most likely go to Audi or Volvo. Some say Cadillac has grown up a bit. My response is that I am not 80 or a drug dealer, why in the world would I want to drive a Cadillac? GM should have been allowed to die, instead they will fail again in the future when even the rental car companies fail to buy their products, their core customers head to nursing homes and the Chinese take over their domestic auto manufacturing.

  • cjcarrad

    Must be a market somewhere for late model Saabs or GM wouldn’t be trying to get them traded. Probably would change out the grille and badging and resell them, this testiifying to Saabs considerable durability and initial quality. GM through absolute conglomerate ineptitude destroyed a legend; tough well engineered and quirky cars with dedicated followers, especially in pro rally circles. Saab now joins Tucker, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and the ghosts of real Cadillacs past on the rust heaps of Detroit. Eventually the best remaining 900 series cars will become collector items, and decades hence will have cache far exceeding any contemporary GM slug. The vastly overpriced Volt is an instant failure and GM once again buries a good idea under a sea of bureaucracy and mis-aligned bean counting. Imagine if the concept had been engineered, styled and produced in Sweden by the company that makes Viggen supersonic fighters. Ah well.

  • jen west

    Either GM doesn’t get it, or they are incredibly heartless. I grew up in GM’s- I took my driver’s test in an ’85 Buick Electra, even. I eventually found SAAB, and, for the first time in my life, I felt connected to the car I drove. Since then, I ‘ve found a whole community that is as passionate about SAAB as I am. I couldn’t have imagined a more fun, stylish, efficient, solid car than my SAAB 9-3 convertible. Yet GM chops them off at the knees at every turn, whether it be from short- sightedness, shortterm thing , incompetance, or a combination of the above. To
    think I would EVER buy a GM again again is folly.


    GM Incentive to Saab Owners