Hiriko Citycar Folds To Fit In Tight Parking Spots

Hiriko Citycar Folds To Fit In Tight Parking Spots

Parking spots in the city are often hard to find and they always come at a price. And sometimes those spots are so small, there’s no way you can fit your car into the space. Engineers at Hiriko Driving Mobility have come up with a solution – a car that folds up to fit into even the smallest gaps.

The Hiriko Citycar as it’s called, is set to make its public debut in Europe next week when it’s shown to European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso. And it gets better – the Citycar could be available for the public by mid-2013 and hopes are it will cut pollution and road rage.

The idea for this foldable EV started out at Boston’s MIT-Media lab before being picked up by Hiriko Driving Mobility. Think of the Citycar as a child stroller. Of course, it’s a bit more complex than that, but the concept is the same – you fold it up so it’s manageable, compact and easier to store. Since it’s so small, it can only fit two people, but the Hiriko Citycar can go for 75 miles before you have to charge it. One idea for the Citycar’s usage will be a rental system, where drivers can rent one for the day. Of course, you can always buy one – the Citycar can be yours for about 12,500 euros (US$16,000).

[Source: Inhabitat]

  • Nik Ellis, Laird Assessors

    What’s the point? You need to have the car extended to drive it into a space – it’s not as if you can drive it folded up into a small space.

    Also if you did park in a space & fold it up, what would happen if another vehicle parks next to you? You wouldn’t be able to extend it back again & thus wouldn’t be able to get out!