Honda’s New Box Gets Flashy: 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda’s New Box Gets Flashy: 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Perhaps the most bizarre of Honda‘s show cars at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon is the Flash Box. Based on the brand’s new N Box Kei car, there’s a matte-gray paint job, reflective decals and an excessive use of LED lights – inside and out. And let’s not forget the custom rims that look like steelies.

The N Box recently launched at the Tokyo Motor Show as Honda’s new city car offering. Designed as the perfect vehicle for those living in urban centers, it’s obvious through this show car that Honda wants to push the car with the younger crowd.

Other Honda models on display include a Mugen-tuned CR-Z Race car as well as two Mugen CR-Z RR Concepts.

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GALLERY: Honda Flash Box



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