John Travolta’s Vintage Mercedes-Benz Recovered in Pieces

John Travolta’s Vintage Mercedes-Benz Recovered in Pieces

Back in September, we heard news that John Travolta’s 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280-SL was stolen from the street out in Santa Monica, California near a Jaguar dealership. And now the unfortunate news has come that the vintage Benz was recovered in pieces, but two men were also taken into custody as part of a car-theft ring.

Michael Green, 58 and D.L. Rayford, 52, were both taken into custody back in December when a law enforcement task force was investigating a sophisticated car-theft ring. Both these individuals were suspects relating to the theft of Travolta’s Mercedes and through leads developed after Travolta’s theft, a chop shop was found with plenty of other stolen vehicles and parts. That is where the police located the parts to Travolta’s 280-SL.

The arrests weren’t mentioned earlier in order to not compromise a larger investigation into the theft ring. It’s unfortunate that Travolta will no longer have his vintage Mercedes back in one piece, but at least another car-theft ring was managed to be shut down.

GALLERY: John Travolta Vintage Mercedes-Benz Recovered


[Source: Reuters]


    My “cherry” 1975 SL was stolen and was never recovered. They should give these creeps 25 years for this. I can imagine how John feels.

  • -Nate

    Ah , crap ~ that’s all they recovered ? bummer , that .

  • Chris

    That deserves the death penalty! What a sin.

  • michael

    I have read various articles with Hollywood stars saying they used to see Travolta driving around in a yellow benz……after Saturday Night fever. I guess he is like the rest of us…..he believes Mercedes are a work of art.I think he should restore the 280 red sl back to its original self.


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