Justin Bieber Autographed Hyundai Genesis Coupe to be Auctioned Off on Ebay

Justin Bieber Autographed Hyundai Genesis Coupe to be Auctioned Off on Ebay

Have you got Bieber Fever? If so, you’ll want to bid on a Justin Bieber autographed car that’s going to be on eBay this Friday.

We know, it’s easy to make fun of all the Bieber fanatics out there, but the proceeds of this sale are going to a good cause. Beiber wants to raise money to refurbish a skate park in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario.

The car that’s been autographed is a 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo. Beiber took time out of his busy Christmas schedule when he was in town to sign the car, when he told Frank Sandola of Stratford Hyundai that he wanted the money raised from the auction to go to the skate park.

If you’re wondering where the teen idol signed his famous moniker, you’ll find it on the dashboard and the sun visor. If you’re interested, it goes up for auction this Friday, January 20 and will be up for 10 days. There’s no word if there will be a “Buy it Now” option, but we think it’ll do pretty well without it.

[Source: CP24]

  • Ray

    The money raised can be spent on more important things than a skate park.

  • Alex

    I would personally burn this car down in flames…

    Whos bright idea in Hyundai was say tuners love Justin bieber lets sell one with his name on it! Worst idea ever all respect lost..

  • Ag3nt007

    If this car is EVER seen on the street. Please sign the outside. If Beiber can do it, I’m sure the owner won’t mind if us fellow genesis coupe owners sign too.

  • rob

    to alex: remove yourself from the gene pool, fucking idiot

  • rob

    to alex: off yourself please.