L.L. Bean “Bootmobile” Kicks Off 100th Anniversary Celebrations

L.L. Bean “Bootmobile” Kicks Off 100th Anniversary Celebrations

This boot is made for driving – and that’s just what the L.L. Bean Bootmobile will do. The Bootmobile is helping to kick off the iconic brand’s 100th anniversary and to launch the year-long Million Moment Mission.

The Bootmobile is a mobile replica of one of the first products L.L. Bean ever offered – the Maine Hunting Shoe. The boot covers a pick-up truck, and the boot itself was sculpted out of foam and fiberglass and supported by a steel frame. The Bootmobile design is faithful to the original Maine Hunting Shoe – it sports the iconic brown of the wearable boot and is even adorned with dual-colored lace.

The Bootmobile will be touring America throughout 2012 in celebration of the 100th anniversary, as well as a reminder for people to enjoy the outdoors. As part of this initiative, L.L. Bean has partnered with the National Parks Foundation for the Million Moment Mission. L.L. Bean is looking to raise $1 million for the National Parks Foundation – and here’s where the Bootmobile comes in. L.L.Bean will donate a dollar to the National Parks Foundation for every person to share their visit to the Bootmobile or their outdoor experiences. To find out more about the mission, to upload a picture or to share an outdoor experience, visit L.L.Bean’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages or visit the website.

Be sure to watch a video of the making of the Bootmobile after the jump.

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  • Charlie

    That is totally cool.

  • test11

    Duel laces? Are they fighting with each other?

  • Amy Tokic

    Any fight between the laces would end in a tie.

  • Colum Wood

    Oh…. another groaner Amy.

  • Charlie Reidy

    I wish L.L. would go back to the day of made in America again.

  • Dawn

    Good one Amy. 🙂

  • Putnam McDowell

    The Bootmobile makes me think back to my first visit to Bean’s almost 70 years ago. My fiance and I were driving home from Damariscotta on old Rte.1 I was still wearing parts of my WW II Air Force uniform. It was late at night as we reached Freeport. There was Bean’s- wide open at midnight. We stopped and I bought some very high Bean boots. They lasted me until I gave them to a son-in-law in 1976. He still has them.I must have walked a 1000 miles in those boots. I remember so well that creaky old store with its smell of leather and well oiled floors. I’d like to say that old L.L. was there that night but I don’t think he was. Good memories of a great institution!

  • Amy Tokic

    What a great story Putnam! You should share it on the LL Bean site too!

  • Katherine Sollars

    Just Great. Idea and follow through. Macy’s Parade, Rose Parade,I can see it in all of those places. Where the customers are. Just Great..

  • ni buaru cool