Lamborghini: No Current Plans for Turbocharged Motors

Lamborghini: No Current Plans for Turbocharged Motors

While a number of exotic and luxury car manufacturers are adopting smaller displacement motors and utilizing turbochargers to maintain or increase power levels while boosting fuel efficiency, Lamborghini has said it has no plans to adopt such a strategy at least for now.

Company Supremo Stephan Winkelmann declared that “for this decade I don’t see it happening in the super sport car business,” though he also said “I would caution against saying it could never happen.”

That said, with a revamped Gallardo due in a few years (a car the automaker expects to account for the bulk of orders), plus Audi already in the process of developing a second generation mid-engined R8 sister, which will likely feature smaller displacement turbocharged engines, there is still a possibility a turbocharged Lambo might eventually materialize. Though as  Winklemann was quick to point out ” any development along those lines must be consistent with the DNA of Lamborghini.”

[Source: Autocar]


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