2013 Mazda 6 to Debut at 2012 Paris Auto Show

2013 Mazda 6 to Debut at 2012 Paris Auto Show

According to reports, the all-new Mazda 6 will be unveiled at the upcoming 2012 Paris Auto Show.

We have already seen a solid hint at the styling of the new Mazda 6, with the Takeri concept (pictured above) which the automaker revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this past December. The new production version of the 6 will probably share some of the major styling of the Takeri, with maybe a few small changes.

The Takeri was built on an all new light weight platform, and features Mazda’s Skyactiv technologies to increase fuel economy. Mazda has engineered a new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder (as seen in the 2012 Mazda3), however, the Takeri concept made use of the brand’s new Skyactiv diesel engine, capable of producing 165 hp and over 300 lb-ft of torque.

Mazda has said it will offer a diesel engine in North America in the near future, but has yet to confirm if it will arrive in the new 6, or perhaps the CX-5.

GALLERY: Mazda Takeri Concept


[Source: Auto-Motor-Und-Sport]

See AutoGuide’s First Look Video of the Takeri Concept below:

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  • Nexus7

    No hatch, no sale.

  • Alan Roper

    I hear no hatch. Well, there goes my 12 year loyalty to this brand.

  • Kleinwald

    This needs needs needs to be offered with a 6 speed stick and a V6 or high output turbo 4 in excess of 270hp! Please Mazda please! I want to stay with you and my Gen 1, 6 hatch with a 5 speed stick needs to be replaced. I would love to replace it with another Mazda but only if you offer this option. Love to have a hatch too but I’ll forgo that if you offer these to options together. If so I will be first in line cash in hand. If not, then I will be forced to go somewhere else. Your choice Mazda, are you listening to us enthusiasts?

  • David Baker

    I have bought 2 Mazda 6 hatches new (still have the second), and believe it is the most practical car I have ever owned. A Mazda rep told me that Japan thinks there is no need for hatch as people buy for the style, and not for the convenience of hatch which really is only probably required once a year. The same logic could be applied to those with an SUV, that they only need one once a year, therefore they will forgo an SUV for something else. Very flawed logic. If no hatch is available, I will have NO CHOICE but to buy a product from another maker of hatchback.

  • Chasco

    Come on Mazda. The Hatch. Build it and they will come. Love my 2010 6 hatch. Carry full loads at least once a month. Don’t make me buy a Mondeo. Yuck.

  • Horganj

    Agree, I too, have had two Mazda 6 Sport Hatches, and have really enjoyed the experience. The hatch is a most useful version and should be available for those who require the extra space and ease of loading, when it is required. Ironically, I believe that the Hatchback versions of both the present and the previous models are by far, the most stylish version of the model.
    Yes, I too may have to consider an alternative…….Mondeo, Insignia……….???????