Newt Gingrich Blames UAW for Struggling US Auto Industry

Newt Gingrich Blames UAW for Struggling US Auto Industry

Former US House Speaker and REpublican party nominee Newt Gingrich recently touched on the auto industry at a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa. At his first real test as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, Gingrich responded to a question about jobs leaving the United States and targeted the United Auto Workers (UAW).

Gingrich praised the international automakers with nonunion plants such as BMW, Mercedes, Honda and Nissan, and then stated that “the real problem is the UAW. It’s a work-rules problem; it’s not an hourly cost problem,” he told a Rotary Club breakfast meeting. “You can’t have continuous improvement if you’re not allowed to constantly modify and improve.”

The UAW has yet to respond to Gingrich’s comments.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • UAW Retired

    NG doesn’t handle loosing very well. As his presidential hopes sink into oblivion, he wants to blame everyone on his way down the way Hitler did when Berlin was under constant bombardment. NG is just another clueless politician spewing wreckless comments about the industry that built and maintain middle class America. He needs to do his research before pointing fingers. “Work rules”, are you serious, NG? Should the auto industry do away with those pesky health & safety procedures and roll those savings up to the CEO’s? That worked out real well for the mining industry under GWB. Hey NG, why don’t you read the independent study done on the US auto industry citing redundant, “good-ol-boy” management among other salary contributions. NG, do your research.

  • Kanner

    What an as”””” hole!

  • Ryan

    Honestly, Newt is right.

    Unions definitely served a purpose in forming OSHA and bringing a world class level of safety to the US workplace. Their contributions over the last 15 years have been more stifling than anything else. I’m sure if you object, you with a fine bunch of people in a union…but I’d be willing to bet the farm that the business would grow faster without a union. UAW now strong arms the car makers into imperceivably thin growth. Unions had their place, and now the work place has lept beyond their usefulness. OSHA and federal regulations are in place and aren’t going anywhere, even if the unions magically disbanded.

    Ask yourself…if you took your savings and opened a small business, hired staff, and the workers could strong arm you into (perhaps deserving or undeserving) higher wages and benefits, would you even bother growing…or if you knew that going in…would you even get in?