Saab Museum Saved from Liquidation

Saab Museum Saved from Liquidation

Last week we reported the news that Saab was auctioning off the vehicles in its museum, with over 120 different models looking to be separated from one another. It appears that Saab enthusiasts and the city of Trollhättan, where the museum is located, wasn’t too keen on that idea.

The museum has been saved thanks to the city of Trollhättan, SAAB AB and The Wallenburg foundations. The trio paid over $4.1-million for the whole collection to remain in Trollhättan, but more importantly none of the cars will be separated from one another. The running costs of the museum will also be absorbed by the city and the regional government.

This is great news for what little may remain of Saab history, with the museum presumably housing the most complete collection of Saab vehicles in the world.

[Source: Saabs United]

  • Peter

    Thank havens! The Saab sonnet has been saved, very, very likely the only remaining example is in the saab museum. The old 3 cylinder with mix yourself gas and old two stroke engines saved! I had a friend in high school that had one of those it was a completely unique. You could never get it into third from second gear, with it’s modern column shift nothing says sexy car than a column shift standard transmission! Lets not forget the last twenty some odd years suckling at the breast of Opel /Gm when the only reliable engineering came from Opel. I sure the saab museum will continue to drain the town’s budget in perpetuity because tit will never generate enough money to be self sustaining just like it’s name sake, forever relying on the kindness of strangers.

  • Jim

    You are a bitter human being.
    I’ve owned 4 SAABs, a Volvo R, many BMWs, 2 Jaguars, and some M-Bs along with a few exotics and the commodity items from Ford & GM. The SAABs were dependable, pleasant without complaint, capable without idiosyncrasy. I was taught to drive a SAAB with fervor (loy in Swedish) by one of the factory’s rally drivers, and with 110HP could smoke a Corvette through the mountain roads. That this Swedish icon ultimately failed after its ill-suited takeover by GM is sad for its patrons and for Trollhaten; it is not deserving of your vitriolic rambling. Shame on you. Ever see a Monet or Van Gogh? Ever see a patent model? All are worthy of keeping. As is your opinion.

  • Adrian McCabe

    Glad to hear the Saab Museum and all the cars will stay. I hope to get over there one day, but it’s a long way from Australia.