Subaru BRZ STI Concept Gets Japanese Debut: 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Subaru BRZ STI Concept Gets Japanese Debut: 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

First unveiled at the LA Auto Show late last year the Subaru BRZ STI Concept is no longer just a hint at things to come. Just a month ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese automaker officially drew back the covers on the production BRZ (while Toyota did the same with its GT 86).

An already impressive machine (read our review of its sibling, the Scion FR-S here), the BRZ makes 200-hp, has an amazing weight balance and a low center of gravity. The STI concept takes the car’s performance a step further with custom aerodynamics, larger 18-inch wheels, a light weight carbon fiber hood, custom exhaust and a carbon fiber roof – further lowering the car’s center of gravity.

GALLERY: Subaru BRZ STI Concept


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  • hemisedan

    Looks really nice, maybe a little too low for some on the north side of 50, but still looks great. Being a power nut, I think that power is necessary, especially torque. Remember, horsepower for show, torque for go. I’m just hoping that the STI version won’t be a fortune, like the JCW versions of Mini Cooper have gotten to. Love the blue.

  • Roots

    Is this still conceptual or is this the actual production design? I’m not a huge fan of the clear taillights and, although I’m all for the carbon fiber hood and roof, I’m not a fan of the hood and roof being a different color than the rest of the car either. Its just a little too much rice for me visually…

  • Colum Wood
  • john bohna

    Add an extra 100HP and im sold other wise a 2004 Impreza WRX STi will do

  • john bohna

    2004 STi makes 301HP put that in the Brz and you have one Awesome car now im not downing the Brz as is its a great car just wish it had a few more ponies to play with

  • Arturo AWD

    The 2006-7 STi’s were fast enough really a 400 hp would have been a monster, but the BRZ STi better have a turbo and be AWD if not a 2006 will do for me too!

  •  So all Asian sports cars are now Hyundai Genesis Coupe clones?

    Really have to wonder about management at these companies.

    Toyota and Subaru will have the turbo Veloster to deal with, in addition to the Genesis Coupe.

    It’s great that Japan has come back from the boring car business, but none of this is really exciting.

  • Jonathan Duncan

    Yea maybe true but I wouldn’t piss on a Hyundai to put out a fire. The materials those cars are made of are so cheap they literally rust and fall apart.

    Kudos to Subaru/Toyota 🙂