Subaru BRZ to Make US Debut at Detroit Auto Show

Subaru BRZ to Make US Debut at Detroit Auto Show

Subaru will use next week’s Detroit Auto Show to stage the first North American showing of its new BRZ sports car.

Co-developed with Toyota, the BRZ is an unconventional Subaru as it is rear-wheel drive and not all-wheel drive. It does, however, feature a 4-cylinder boxer powerplant, which allows the car to have an ultra-low center of gravity and an excellent weight balance. With a low curb weight of just 2,700 lbs, the BRZ makes 200-hp and 151 lb-ft of torque.

Mechanically similar to the Toyota GT 86 (to be sold in North America as the Scion FR-S), we’ve already had a chance to drive that car and you can see our review here.

Pricing for the BRZ has yet to be announced but Subaru has said the car will be available at dealerships starting in late spring.


Subaru BRZ 01.JPGSubaru BRZ 02.JPGSubaru BRZ 04.JPGSubaru BRZ 05.JPGSubaru BRZ 06.JPGSubaru BRZ 09.JPG

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  • Brian

    Greddy has been working on a turbo Scion FR-S. They just announced a 600hp drift car for formula drift. The Greddy turbo kit has also been confirmed for the FR-S. This also means it’ll be available for the Subaru BRZ as well. Interesting to see how they didn’t go with a supercharger on the Scion and a turbocharger on the BRZ. Don’t get why all the attention is on the Scion and not on the Greddy. Anyways here are some photos of the 600hp drift FR-S
    scroll down there is a link there