Tesla Model X Unveil Confirmed for February 9

Tesla Model X Unveil Confirmed for February 9

The Tesla Model X is something of an enigma, but thanks to some tweets that went out last month it sounds like it will be faster than a Porsche Cayenne and roomier than an Audi Q7.

Once again, thanks to internet chatter we’ve got some more information on this hum-dinger of an SUV. A member on the Tesla Motors Club forum said he read in the Barclays Capital research report that there would be an unveiling on February 9. According to a post by Autoblog earlier today, that date is now confirmed.

So far, Tesla has been leading the EV industry in style and performance, consistently proving that being without an internal combustion engine isn’t the end of the world, though it may be the end of your bank account. Their first release, the Tesla Roadster, is a head turner that makes you feel like Tony Stark. Next they released the Model S, touting it as the worlds first premium electric sedan. The Model X is sure to follow their attention magnet tradition.

[Source: AutoBlog]

  • Max Mindel

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  • Mark Renburke

    I would have preferred they announce a “Model U”…a compact or subcompact “commuter” vehicle that could give the Leaf a run for the money in range, if not also performance and style…and with a sub-$30k starting price for the “small” battery version…but Tesla seems content not to enter this market.