Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II is Super-a: 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II is Super-a: 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Ever wonder what the next Toyota Supra will be like? So do we.

Could it be some sort of high-tech hybrid, using all-wheel drive with an electric motor for the front wheels and a gasoline or gas-electric hybrid drive for the rear? We suppose so.

You know… something like the GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II (above)? Um, well, yea. But let’s not start any rumors. OK?

First unveiled at the Nurburgring 24 Hour race in the summer, Toyota has recently displayed the hybrid sports car concept at both the Tokyo Motor Show and now at the Tokyo Auto Salon, hinting just how serious they are about keeping it in the public’s eye.

When it was first shown Toyota said it, “has long conducted active research on applying hybrid technologies to racing and sports cars” and said the GRMN vehicle is, “the next step in the evolution of these efforts.”

Just exactly when the next next step will be is anyone’s guess. Whatever Toyota decides to build and whatever they call it, knowing the company’s hybrid expertise and newfound passion for performance cars, we bet it’ll be supra…. er… super.

GALLERY: Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II


  • Alastair Stell

    This is the car to replace the MR2. I cannot equate the GT86 to either the Supra or MR2 because there is nothing to distinguish it from the herd of sports saloons. Whereas this car looks truly spectacular. If Toyota ever grow a pair and decide to market this car, I will put my money down immediately. But frankly I have my doubts. By the time the Toyota Executives and Marketing idiots have had their way it will no doubt be watered down to mediocrity. All I can do is hope, but in the interim I will probably have to buy the Mazda Miata if I want a unique looking sports car.