Toyota Prius c Pricing Starts at $18,950

Toyota Prius c Pricing Starts at $18,950

At its unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota promised that the new Prius c would be priced below the $19,000 mark. Full pricing info has yet to be released but a Toyota representative speaking at the car’s launch in San Diego this week has informed us that the sub-compact hybrid will come with a sticker price of $18,950. A fully-loaded model is expected to top out at just north of $23,000.

The “c” in Prius c stands for city, because this version of the Prius is smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient (in a way) than its big brother. It’s powered by a 1.5L four cylinder engine which produces 73 hp as well as an all electric engine which puts out 66-hp and both will be mated to a continuously variable transmission with 99 hp as a combined output. Rated at the same 50 mpg average as the standard Prius, where the c excels is in the city with a higher 53 mpg rating and a lower 46 mpg rating on the highway.

Based on a modified version of the Yaris platform, the Prius c is 19 inches shorter than the liftback Prius and about 2 inches thinner side-to-side while weighing 542 lbs less.

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Watch video of the Prius c from its unveiling in Detroit below:

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