Toyota Prius v Out-Sells Chevy Volt in Just 10 Weeks

Toyota Prius v Out-Sells Chevy Volt in Just 10 Weeks

Earlier this month a new reports noted that Chevrolet Volt sales were more successful in its first year than the sales numbers of the Toyota Prius hybrid on its first year back in 2000. What little optimism Chevrolet might have had on the Volt’s sales performance were quickly silenced when data revealed that Toyota dealt a quick knockout as its new Prius v wagon (also in its first year) out sold the Volt. And it did so with just 10 weeks on sale.

Official numbers for Chevrolet Volt’s 2011 sales are 7,671 units delivered. Toyota managed to sell 8,399 hybrid wagons, which did not arrive to U.S. dealerships and showrooms until the last week of October.

President of Toyota U.S. Sales Jim Lentz says, “Prius v is off to a great start.” For 2012, Toyota aims to deliver 220,000 Prii to U.S. customers, a 60 percent increase from 2011. Toyota’s offensive includes offerings of the original Prius, the Pruis v wagon, and the Prius c subcompact that arrives in March.

GALLERY: Toyota Prius v wagon


[Source: Bloomberg]

Read AutoGuide’s 2012 Toyota Prius v Review here and watch the video review below:

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  • RSBaker

    You might have also said:
    “$41,000 Chevrolet Volt 7671 sales more than double $39,800 Lexus HS250 Hybrid sales of 2864”

  • Brian

    Not even a comparison! The Volt is completely different in price and technology – this no improvement – way to go Toyota – try making your line-up fresh again – you are making the same mistakes GM/Ford/Chrysler did not that long ago!

  • Dennis Cox Jr.

    100% non american piece of junk unlike the Volt.  Isnt it funny how people complain about giving money to the middle east through gas purchases because of terrorism but Americans are ok to send money to Japan whom in WW2 killed more Americans than Terrorists ever have?  I love how stupid the American public is.  And so do the Japanese.

  • Alfred l Ramirez, MD

    the main issue that’s holding me back from going ahead with purchasing a Volt is safety. Until it is completely verified that fire hazard is not due to the battery technology, it may hold back a lot of people from going all the way to buy a Volt. So, the sooner GM takes car of that issue, no technology improvement can change many people’s decision to buy the Volt.

  • Colum Wood
  • Alfred give up the battery issue, there have been NO reported fire issues with the battery other than those that were involved in crashes, and even then it was days or weeks after the crash that the batteries caught fire.  There’s nothing for GM to take care of here.

    Dennis and Brian, the Prius has proven itself by its steady and growing sales figures (in the millions).  You can try to poop on it all you want, the numbers speak for themselves.

  • you are a bullshit!

  • you are a bullshit!