Wacky Tuner Cars of the Tokyo Auto Salon [Gallery]

Wacky Tuner Cars of the Tokyo Auto Salon [Gallery]

At Japan’s annual Tokyo Auto Salon, they’d call our list of the Top 10 Worst Cars of SEMA tame. Sure we documented some atrocities during our time at North America’s largest aftermarket expo, but it’s hard to compete with a diorama of an army soldier apparently shooting baby dolls on the tonneau cover of a pink pickup truck. And have those babies been run over, or are those supposed to be tattooed?

Like you, we can’t resist gawking at a good train wreck. Just remember, once you’ve taken a look, these car’s can’t be unseen – no matter how hard you try.

GALLERY: Crazy Cars of the Tokyo Auto Salon


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  • Jose

    Wow! Those are seriously messed up.