Will.I.Am Announces IAMAUTO, His New Startup Automaker

Will.I.Am Announces IAMAUTO, His New Startup Automaker

We have good news and bad news. The good news is, Black Eyed Peas’ superstar Will.I.Am is looking to enter the auto industry in order to bring jobs back to East Los Angeles, where he grew up. The bad news is, the car doesn’t look so good.

The vehicle, which debuted on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is called IAMAUTO and at first glance, it appears to be a hopped-up tuner car gone wrong. Nonetheless, we love the fact that the artist is more interested in wanting to create jobs, investing money into a car company for the neighborhood he grew up in.

IAMAUTO was built with OEM Chrysler parts and features a Beats by Dr. Dre sound system. In Will.I.Am’s own words, “It’s sick, it’s really fresh.” We probably have other choice words to use to describe the car, but again, we love that the intentions are good and hope that it’s a successful venture, but we also hope Will.I.Am goes out and finds himself a new designer.

[Source: Rap-Up]

  • Rob

    Is this an April fools joke?

  • Mars

    Well, looks like all his projects are only as good as Black Eyed Peas. Those who like Black Eyed Peas, this is not a compliment.

  • Gabe

    Waco nuff said

  • Carl

    It appears to have gullwing doors and It looks like a Delorean, with a wide body kit.

  • Ashley

    I think it looks sweet, but can it go fast? If the handling and engine are wicked, I’d take one in black. Keep up the awesome Will.i.am!

  • Spencer

    @ Ashley, not likely since its made from Chrysler parts.

  • Shelby

    Spencer – nice call. Was about to say the same thing. What he needs to do is hire car enthusiasts like (well, me) that worked on building / designing FSAE cars. Functionality behind cosmetics, but nothing left to the accountants.

  • pabzz

    he has said it was inspired by his first car… a dolorean. and its more about creating jobs in a shithole to boost the economy than actually being a car to rival the big companies, i bet celebs will buy just to be a part of the cause

  • chris

    @pabzz his first car was a yellow Pontiac Fiero not a Delorean, He said he wanted his first car to be a Ferrari or a Delorean but he could not afford it so when he got his first record deal at 17 he bought a yellow Fiero and his mom took it away from him and didn’t let him drive it until he was 20

  • sean aurhammer

    will this car looks sick if i had the money which hopefully ill get in the future as im only 12. hope the company goes well and more stunning cars like this one r made!!!!!

  • Small jack

    I think will.i.am is doing a great thing but to all of you that think that he needs a new designer can do the other thing as it will look like a Lamborghini driving backwards down the road if it is siting behind you on the road

  • Travis

    if any of you all knew why it looks the way it does.. its because he wanted to make it look futuristic due to the fact that he was inspired by Back To The Future II. some may know.. some not. but those complaining about how it looks should understand it looks amazing for being what its supposed to look like. i personally think he is doing a great thing other than being like every other artist seeings how Dr. Dre and Ludacris both have their own headphone brands now too.

  • chirs

    That car was built and probably designed by West Coast Customs and he is taking credit for it and starting a company around it that is f’d up in my opinion. give credit to those who built your car Will. They built a corvette for him as well that he took credit for while on the show top gear. GET OUT OF THE CAR INDUSTRY AND STICK WITH YOUR MUSIC.

  • jeez, untangle your panties.

  • Rhop98406

    if its his money funding the car build … its his car.. and if you paid attention to the episode he designed the car you dip stick. he just didnt build it. i highly doubt Henry Ford build all of his Model T’s that he first created. its called manufacturing for a reason. 

  • Armquist884

    Looks a bit like what a modern Delorian would look like if the DMC12 was still around and in production. Definatly not the most eye catching car, but it looks cool

  • Superabound

    I think it looks amazing. Then again ive wanted a DeLorean since i was about 5 years old, same as Will.i.am.

  • i love it!! too bad it will more than likely cost an arm a leg and your first born

  • Bhellwig09

    I think that the design is futuristic and clean. I love the doors that open up like the mercedes GL 55. I would absolutely LOVE one of his cars and the WONDERFUL fact that the money will go to workers from a run down part of town in LA, is quite honestly brilliant!! Fantastic job and I can’t wait to see the next production out of your company.

  • Mark

    There is nothing sleek about this car. It looks as if it should be an auto-bot. The front end is absolutely ugly. FYI I have been going to car shows before I could walk and that’s is over fifty years. Also my farther customized cars for a living in the sixties and seventies. That was before he worked for Disney’s Imagineering. 

  • Drrber5

    When does the thing get put into production and where does one sign up to apply for the company to help build it?

  • Aaabonds


  • Ebay

    Sorry, it is ugly. scrap the body. I think he is on to some thing.
     Now I will be realistic, The first thing most people think of in the hood is lazy and dishonest.
    So what is to guarantee the build quality? If you do this make sure you don’t fail because it will make decent people who already have a bad rap even worse. 

    I really hope this works.

  • all i know is that i want one of these

  • 123

    Ummm I don’t think you know this but he designed most of the car himself so telling him to get a new designer is kind of a stupid thing to say

  • At88mph

    Umm….that’s a DeLorean

  • Michael Troup

    You mean the Delorean with the 1990s Galant nose and the fiberglass ‘tuner’ kit? Sorry, Will, admire the idea, just not the execution. You should have paid Pininfarina or Giugaro to design it. 

  • Yinka7

    Ugliest thing on four wheels,Makes a Yugo look like a thing of beauty.

  • It’s a DeLorean with some plastic body panels, so now, he didn’t design it, he just altered someone elses classic design.  Like the author said, it’s just “a hopped up tuner”.  This is no different than someone putting ground effects on a Vette or a Camero…

  • Jojograb

    If and when does it come on to the market? What will it cost?

  • Adamthecarguy

    I agree the idea is spot on, but the design has too much deloren and futuristic masarati bi turbo looks from the 80’s. However the concept is there and I would love to help! The body should pull more from a lamborgini aventador for the look you want. Keep the gullwings!

    And throw out that Chrysler powertrain, go with a Japanese motorcycle engine company like yamaha that builds car engines as well. The only thing anyone remembers about the first ford taurea sho was that it was fast and had a yamaha v6 in it….

    Want to know more?
    Adamthecarguy @ yahoo

  • Jfuenteshstn

    How much? Where can I get one?

  • coupesarebest

    ya,well I think it is a great and beautiful masterpiece and can’t wait for it to come out.all of you people who don’t like it just don’t have a good taste in cars.

  • Connor-Harding

    It is made by west coast customs and it ia his take on a 2020 delorean and it is made from metal not plastic and it is an amazing machine