World’s Fastest Slot Car Race Is A Blur [Video]

World’s Fastest Slot Car Race Is A Blur [Video]

Don’t blink – you may miss the action. You’re about to see what could be the fastest car slot race ever and trust us… if you follow it too closely you’re bound to get dizzy.

This eight-track slot car race was set up by a group of Finnish speed fanatics in a place called Autorataharrastajat ry. The video is mesmerizing – you can’t help but watch. There’s some preparation involved, but the video mostly showcases how fast these slot cars can go. If you jump to around the 3:20 mark, you’ll see the guys controlling the cars… and it looks like the cars are going so fast, they can’t keep track of where their racers are.

Watch the blur of slot cars racing by after the jump.

[Source: Youtube via The Sun]

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