1993 Mercury Topaz Makes a Horrendous Pickup Truck

1993 Mercury Topaz Makes a Horrendous Pickup Truck

This one almost left us speechless. Almost. Up for sale in Chicoutimi, QC, Canada is a custom 1993 Mercury Topaz that’s been converted to a pickup truck. Yes you heard that correctly, the 2.3L four-cylinder, front-wheel drive Topaz can now haul around… well, anything!

The 1993 Mercury Topaz had all of 96-hp from its 2.3L, four-cylinder powerplant. And why anyone would think it would be a good idea to convert the automatic transmission-equipped crap-box to a pickup truck is beyond us. But hey, according to the for sale post it’s very economic, just got a new windshield, and new battery. And now it’s looking for a new owner.

GALLERY: 1993 Mercury Topaz Pickup


[Source: Kijiji]