2011 Toyota RAV4 Recalled For Airbag Failure

2011 Toyota RAV4 Recalled For Airbag Failure

Toyota is recalling 427 2011 RAV4 models because the side-curtain airbags that might not deploy.

According to the notice, a propellant with incorrect specifications was used in the airbag inflator. In certain instances that can cause one or both of the devices to fail.

The vehicles included in the recall were made between November 24 and December 11 of last year. As recalls go, this is a pretty small one but interestingly enough, Honda issued an almost-identical recall for the same issue in their Accords and Crosstours today.

It seems the same supplier, Autoliv Americas, does business with both Honda and Toyota. Owners can expect to be contacted by mail if their vehicle is among the affected group.

  • Matts

    A Toyota recall? Wait a minute… I’ve heard about these before.

  • Debbie

    I bought an 2011 Toyota Rav4. I was in a wreck where the front drivers side fender, half the bumper, and grill were badly damaged. The front wheel was torn off. None of my airbags deployed. The auto body man and I found that the front airbag sensor was unplugged. I thank God the accident wasn’t worse. Anyone who buys a Rav4, please check the airbag sensors, or make sure the dealer does before you buy it. Or, just purchase a different vehicle.