2013 Chrysler 100 Confirmed

2013 Chrysler 100 Confirmed

It was only a matter of time until Fiat‘s small car DNA seeped into Chrysler‘s veins and morphed a small car capable of competing with the Ford Focus and Honda Civic, the Chrysler 100.

Truth be told, that already happened with the Dodge Dart, which we reported on during the Detroit International Auto Show last month. That said, it’s still significant that the company is going to launch something new in that segment, considering they haven’t really appealed to the compact market. That is, unless you call a PT Cruiser appealing, which we flatly refuse to do.

The 100 will borrow underpinnings from Fiat, just like the Dart, though this one will be a five-door instead of a sedan that looks a lot more like the Alpha Romeo Giulietta (pictured above).

Speaking of looks, the car spied by Road & Track has some interesting touches we didn’t see when the first concept debuted at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. For example, we can see that the rear door handles are hidden, not something common to American cars. It also looks as if the head and tail lights will sport LEDs.

We don’t have details, but the fact that there will be a Dodge and Chrysler version of essentially the same car will position the company nicely to offer product differentiation. The Chrysler will likely be more comfort-oriented, leaving the Dart open as a sportier version for younger consumers.

[Source: Road & Track]

  • Keith

    There’s NOTHING wrong with the PT Cruiser!!!

  • Needyg

    Looks good to me.  Chrysler seems to be emerging as a company to watch.  I have a 2012 200 Limited and have been very pleased with its quality so far.  I would recommend it.
    By the way, I owned a PT Cruiser and loved it.  I wish they had worked on some improvements, like a better drivetrain and MPG.  Overall, it was fun and held up well.  Plus, it did well in the snow and ice.  Much better than that puny Fiat 500, a glorified golf cart.

  • T. Roll

    First you admit to owning a PT cruiser… then you say you liked it. Sheesh.