2013 Dodge Dart to Stay Sedan-Only, For Now

2013 Dodge Dart to Stay Sedan-Only, For Now

Based on the C-Evo platform from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback, the American-twin 2013 Dodge Dart will only be available in a four-door body style.

During an interview with Chrysler Canada president and Dodge brand CEO Reid Bigland, he noted that sedans make up 90 percent of the compact segment, and are 25 percent of the overall Canadian new-car marketplace. “We’re going to go right up the middle of where the demand is. Right now, the evidence is overwhelmingly on a four-door sedan.”

Reading between the lines, Reid Bigland’s “right now” suggests the possibility of new layouts in Dart’s future. What’s more, Bigland also acknowledged that the success of the hatchbacks or coupes available for the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and the Mazda3 have helped the cars become top sellers.

When asked about Dodge Dart’s predecessor, the Caliber Hatchback, Bigland defended, “I don’t think the Caliber soured anyone on hatchbacks. There’s a functionality edge with the hatchbacks, no doubt.”

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[Source: Globe And Mail]

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