2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Pricing Released

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Pricing Released

Hyundai announced pricing today for its 2013 Genesis Coupes, both the 2.0-liter turbo version and the more powerful 3.8-liter R-Spec, which get serious power boosts over the previous model year.

The 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder model is more expensive than the 2012, starting at $24,250 though it’s probably money well spent. That extra $2000 over last  year’s starting price buys you an impressive 60 extra horsepower when you use premium gas, thanks to direct injection in the refreshed engine.

If you can muster the extra $4,500 we would suggest going with the R-Spec model. It doesn’t get quite as dramatic of an increase as its four-banger little brother, but there’s still a considerable boost in play here. $28,750 puts you behind the wheel with 348 hp at your right foot’s command; a 42-hp jump over the 2012.

Fuel economy will probably improve in the automatics given that the company is trading up to an eight-speed automatic with paddle shifters, though the six-speed manual is $1,250 less and the clear choice for enthusiasts.

A more aggressive look comes from the wide-open mouth, redesigned headlights and more chiseled body. A small rear spoiler also hints at the coupes’s new power.

Patience isn’t even all that necessary here, the new model year goes on sale next month, meaning you can probably bargain your way into a 2012 for a steal or sit pretty in the latest and greatest. The choice is yours.

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Watch out first look video of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe below:

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And check out our First Drive Video too:

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  • GenesisFan

    The guy in the video sounds like he is swallowing his tongue. I could not finish watching the video because of the voice.

  • Ross

    Unfortunately they have ruined the front of the car. Gross! Made it look like a cheesy Mazda with the smiley face. The spoiler is tacky too. What were they thinking?

  • Rahul

    Ross, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I think they ruined most of the car. I have a 2011 and I love it. The new front is hideous. For a slight bump in power, the price is getting a bit high. The interior redesign is awful, especially all the little gauge/knobs. If I was buying now/soon instead of when I did, I wouldn’t consider the genesis coupe at all!

  • Freshcoldbeer.com

    I think Hyundai is moving in the right direction by offering a more powerful turbo platform, which will put it a class with more powerful FR style cars. The price hike can only be blamed on the poor performance of the US dollar, and as well all know Obama hasn’t really helped the value of the dollar.

  • allen kirchman

    the price increase you are showing now is false,it is more money. i went to http://www.coastalhyundai.com to get the 13’s prices. 1. 2.0T premium is $29,910. 2. 3.8 grand touring is $ 33,115. both of these are equipped with the 8 spd a/t.

  • Dave1961

    I went to test drive the Genesis Coupe at the local
    dealership here yesterday. When I asked, the sales guy said there is no such
    thing as a Genesis Coupe 3.8L “R-Spec” model. That was confirmed by all of the
    Hyundai brochures that I read while I was there. Because I am just a skeptical
    prick, I called Hyundai Canada when I returned home, and they confirmed that
    there is no such thing as 3.8L R-Spec model in the Genesis Coupe. So what is
    the vehicle being described above anyway? The R-Spec only comes in 2.0L. Are
    they all wrong or is this something that is not offered in Canada? The only
    model that has the 349hp 3.8L in the Genesis coupe is called the “GT” (it is
    not an R-Spec) and it also does not have any of the R-Spec trim options either.
    No Spoiler, no under the hood anti-sway bar. Thing is, I keep searching Google
    and find all kinds of entries related to the 3.8L R-Spec Coupe.