2013 Lexus ES 250 Spotted in China

2013 Lexus ES 250 Spotted in China

The all-new 2013 Lexus ES was recently spotted in China. It looks like the luxury Japanese automaker will follow in its newly released GS footsteps with more aggressive styling in its entry-level model.

One quick glance at the above photo reveals that the new-generation ES will feature a much more prominent front-end design similar to what Lexus changed on their new GS model. The front grille and bumper features curves never seen before on the ES model.

The sleek roofline conjures up coupe-inspired styling and it’s a pleasant surprise to see Lexus change so much from their best-selling model, but we definitely agree that it’s all for the better. The interior has also got a huge refresh, giving it a much more luxurious look and doing away with the teardrop console we’ve seen in various current-generation Lexus models.

There’s no absolute guarantee that what we see before us will be what will make its way to the U.S., but chances are good that changes will be subtle. Either way, we’re excited at the direction Lexus is heading – first the GS and then with the ES model. Hopefully the IS gets a nice refresh soon. The current generation is getting a little outdated.

[Source: Lexus Enthusiast via MotorAuthority]

  • Beelzebub

    They clearly copied the Germans with the interior & it’s like they didn’t want Acura to be the only Japanese luxury make with a crazy bold grille. Lexus really can do better … even if bland.

  • alec

    I was waiting for the new lexux es model. The front grill is so bad that I won’t buy it.