2013 Lexus GS Marketing Push Going High-Tech, Interactive

2013 Lexus GS Marketing Push Going High-Tech, Interactive

The Lexus GS has been around for a while, and has often gone unnoticed. Maybe it just couldn’t compete with it’s European counterparts? Or maybe it just wasn’t advertised enough?

Lexus is hoping for the latter, and is aiming to correct that issue with a multi-pronged advertising campaign to help support the launch of the all-new 2013 GS (read our review here). The campaign will see the Lexus GS showing up in several media spots.

The new GS, which will arrive at dealerships this week, is showing off a different side of Lexus. The car is supposed to have a whole new approach to performance, technology, design and luxury.

The first commercial aired during the Super Bowl and three more are planned to circulate on national television.

In addition to the television ads, Lexus will be engaging viewers of TV shows using the Shazam mobile App. During certain episodes of popular TV shows “The Soup” “Psych” and “Being Human” the audience can use the Shazam app to get extra content of the show, and extra media on the Lexus GS. Users can even win a contest for a custom trip “Upgraded in GS fashion.”

This campaign doesn’t just stop at television though. In co-operation with Wired magazine, readers will have access to extra content using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in smart phones.

Lexus is also going heavy on digital with their approach to advertising. A Lexus promoted radio station will be available on Pandora Internet Radio, showcasing artists, songs and albums which have revolutionized the music industry. Other websites including YouTube will also feature the new GS.

  • Peja

    Palm/HP need to take a page out of the Lexus book on how to re-market their overlooked products.

    Lexus gets a gold star for effort but we’ll have to wait and see how effective this blitz is.