8-Speed Transmissions Coming to GM Products Late

8-Speed Transmissions Coming to GM Products Late

General Motors will end its internal-only approach to transmissions, opting to buy some 8-speed units from suppliers to mate with its upcoming twin-turbo V6. For the most part, however, GM will continue to develop and manufacture its own auto-boxes, with a new generation of 8-speed units arriving soon. But not soon enough.

While domestic rival Chrysler has already begun a roll-out of 8-speed units in its models, GM’s in-house developed units won’t be available until around 2016. As a result, many of GM’s exciting new flagship models won’t have an 8-speed at launch, instead relying on older 6-speed units.

Included in that list of models, reports GMInsideNews, are cars like the next-generation Cadillac CTS, Chevy Camaro and even the upcoming C7 Corvette. The 8-speed automatic transmission should arrive in time for a mid-cycle update on those cars. Expect the 8-speed auto to then arrive in GM’s full-size truck lineup about the same time.

  • Chad

    The 8-speed double-clutch is a vast improvement over the old slush-boxes, but you’ll have to pry my manual transmission from my cold, dead hands. I enjoyed a benefit of a manual tranny this week, when I helped a buddy get his truck started by pushing it. Pop the clutch, off it went so it could get a new starter installed.

    I am disappointed to see so many so-called “drivers” abdicating their driving experience and choosing automatics.

  • loren

    GM is back to its old ways, a day late and a dollar short. And the execs responsible for this will laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Perry

    It is truly sad how crappy GM is. I’ve been waiting so long for them to get off their proverbial backsides and get us an eight speed tranny, twin turbo 6, and get on the alpha frame that I’ve decided to buy a foreign model.

  • dan747

    GM, you are too fucking slow to bring out new products. What the hell is going on?

  • Richard A Jones Jr

    GM, Whats taking so long ? I thought eight speed automatic was going to be available with the introduction of the New Cadillac ATS. What happened?