Alfa Romeo 4C Will Spearhead US Brand Relaunch

Alfa Romeo 4C Will Spearhead US Brand Relaunch

The U.S. relaunch of Italian automaker Alfa Romeo will be spearheaded by the mid-engine 4C sports car.

The production version of the 4C will make its debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, which is also when the official relaunch of the brand will take place.

The 4C will be the first of several American models for the Italian automaker that is being rejuvenated stateside by parent company, Fiat. They hope to bring the five-door Mito, new Spider, Giulia sedan and wagon, a new compact SUV, and the new flagship 6C to America by 2016.

Once Alfa Romeo establishes itself back on American soil, it will turn attention to the Chinese market. After displaying a booth at the Guangzhou Motor Show last year, the company was pleased with the results and the response its models received.

Autocar is also reporting that the 4C will be offered with a dual-clutch, automatic transmission with paddle shifters, but no manual transmission option. The 4C will be powered by Alfa Romeo’s 230-hp, turbo inline four cylinder.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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  • Chudwarrior

    No manual offered? You’ve lost me already. What a huge shame. You can keep the car if that is the case. That’s really too bad, it would be coming out right around the time when I’d be in the market for a new car. They could have at least had an option for it. I’d pay more for the manual over flip flap pretend shifters any day. I’m so mad right now I could spit.

  • Jim Grady

    We don’t want a Fiat.  How about an ALFA!  What’s wrong with you Cotton heads?


  • Hans

    Your right all the way. When I read this I got pissed off that our Alfa’s are Fiat / Chrysler and NO MANUAL TRANS. !!!!


  • Hans

    Let’s all talk out loud !!!! that if we’re going to but a new Alfa ( even if we’re geting older and greyer ) we still can DRIVE and want a MANUAL TRANS !!!!.


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  • Alfaman1

    I concur with all the messages left below! I understand that Fiat is trying to reach the masses, but they are ignoring a VERY large contigency of Alfa owners (past and present) who would be first in line to sign up if this were a manual transmission (5 speed minimum)! If they conducted any consumer data research, they should ask for their money back! I was drooling over the design…and was excited about the launch, now I am just exceedingly dissappointed!
    ’63 Giulietta
    ’69 1750 Spider
    ’14 – ??????