Audi TT Mule Caught Testing in Spy Photos

Audi TT Mule Caught Testing in Spy Photos

Take a close look at this Audi TT. It has a slightly longer wheelbase, and wider wheel arches indicating that this could be Audi’s mule for it’s next gen TT.

This vehicle was spotted going through some cold weather testing in Sweden recently, and our photographers snapped some spy photos.

We don’t see much hinting at a new design here, but observers said that it sounded much more “mature” than the latest model. We’re careful to say that means anything at all, since this vehicle could have an unfinished exhaust system.

Lastly the interior of this car was completely covered, meaning Audi has some serious changes in mind for the interior design.

You can see the whole gallery below.

GALLERY: 2013 Audi TT Mule Spy Photos

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