BMW 3 Series Diesel Axed

BMW 3 Series Diesel Axed

BMW will be ridding its lineup of the 335d, a decision that is rational from a business point of view, but upsetting to anyone who has driven BMW’s diesel offerings.

According to reports, BMW will retire the diesel engine 3 Series in favor of its new fuel efficient line-up of gasoline engines as well as a hybrid system. The 335d is rated at 23/36 mpg city/highway which has been the most fuel efficient 3 series for some time now. For 2012, BMW has introduced the 328i with a four cylinder 2.0L turbocharged motor which garners a 23/34 mpg city/highway rating showing up the diesel engines ratings. While the gasoline engine does take a bit of hit in horsepower compared to the diesel, 25 hp to be exact, it seems that BMW believes that in today’s market no one would buy a diesel unless the fuel economy numbers are rated higher than a comparable gas engine.

Later this year BMW will release its ActiveHybrid 3, which is expected to have a combined fuel economy rating of 36 mpg and put out 335 hp. Once again beating out the diesel in both fuel consumption numbers and power it seems that BMW’s decision to rid the 3 series lineup of a diesel offering is a sensible one.

While it’s unfortunate that BMW will be getting of rid of the 335d, the company does offer other smaller diesel engines to its European market, which just might find their way into North America one day.

[Source: Auto123]

  • Kyle Schmidlin

    Last time I checked 34 was less than 36. So with less HP and torque with worse mileage how is this besting the d? It will be cheaper than the d no arguing that. I’m not sure how exactly though since a direct injected turbocharged gasoline engine will use most of the same expensive parts (HPFP, turbos, intercooler) as a diesel that they like to charge a premium for.

  • David

    This is a dumb move on BMW’s part. Clean diesels are the future, not plug-in vehicles – if your electricity isn’t generated by a nuclear plant, your idiotic plug-in is NOT emissions-free.

  • George

    Axing the 2012 335d which has mileage numbers about equal to a Prius and all the fun of a BMW is a huge mistake. It would be the new cool green car to own. Why didn’t the 2011 335d sell? Diesel sells at a premium here in CA, and the extra mileage was not worth it. Jumping up to 57 mpg highway would be worth it! I own two Prius, and I cannot stand the idea of buying another one. I would love a BMW, but I cannot stomach losing that much mpg (climate change). I am waiting for a fun car that gets good mileage and there just aren’t any out there. Bluetech diesel has the smallest carbon footprint of all technologies; BMW should jump on this.

  • Your math is wrong, the 335 d beats all when you do the math. How is 2334 better then 2336? Lies! 

  • Les

     It’s not just about fuel efficiency. Even if the same as gas, there are no tune ups required and they always pass the emission control tests which come up every 2 years and can cost hundreds if the test fails. Add this to the usually cheaper price of diesel and there is no excuse to kill the line.
    Only excuse I can see is pressure from the oil companies and the service centres that won’t be seeing your diesel vehicle as often as they do a gas powered one.

  • Kevin30144

    diesel is 10% more in the US on average.