BMW i8 Unique Door Design Revealed in Spy Photos

BMW i8 Unique Door Design Revealed in Spy Photos

The BMW i8 is a highly anticipated release and this new set of spy photos shows off the door design we can expect on the German automaker’s hybrid sports car once it makes it to production.

Hinge placement seems to be the key difference between the i8’s doors and similar examples we’ve seen before. It looks as though the doors open upwards and twist, to make sure they are fully out of the way entering and exiting the vehicle.

The i8 will be powered by a 170 hp electric motor sourced from the entry-level i3, mated to a 3-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine producing 223 hp.

The i8 is supposed to be available come 2013. After seeing the doors already fully functioning, it seems likely that this hybrid sports car will be here soon. We’ll be sure to bring you details as they emerge.



  • John Keskinen

    This is a great photo; vehicle probably pulled out of garage.. I’d like to see this door open with all this local snowfall ON the car.