BMW One of Multiple Bidders Interested in Saab

BMW One of Multiple Bidders Interested in Saab

The ongoing saga around Saab’s bankruptcy seems to never end, and this time around there may be six to seven serious bidders for the Swedish automaker, one of which is believed to be BMW.

At their weekly press conference, the company touched on its pressing salary situation for its current employees and mentioned that it would take at least another week to sort things out; but the more interesting news is that the highest bidder may not get the deal, according to Saab. The Swedish automaker is looking for a company that will present the best option for the creditors, employees, and the region the most. Which essentially means that Saab will go to the company that has the money, knowledge, experience, and credibility to continue producing Saab vehicles.

It was confirmed that one of the six or seven bidders was a European automaker based out of Munich, which leads many to believe that it is BMW since the two firms once signed an engine purchasing agreement back in 2010. It would be mighty interesting if BMW is able to come out of this one to not only continue producing Saab vehicles, but using their platforms for their own models and even MINI ones.

[Source: Saabs United]

  • Alan Tsao

    This is an excellent combination

  • Peter

    I’ve purchased a new SAAB ever 3 years since 1995, but left the brand last year NOT because I didn’t still love SAAB, but I was uncertain about the company’s future. If BMW does take the plunge I (and I suspect many other previous SAAB owners) will definitely be back as long as they dont turn SAABs into rwd vehicles like most of BMW’s line-up.

  • Mate

    I would love to see a marriage of Saab with BMW. This would be the best combination ever!

  • jimi

    Found this post…i love my BSR 9-3….but…I thought Koenigsegg was buying saab out? I wouldnt mind another BMW/etc taking over as long as they dont change the quirks……just maybe a wheel bolt pattern that is more common

  • ionut

    I own a Saab 9-3. I will not buy a BMW, look at who’s driving one… However, I would definitely buy another SAAB if BMW gets involved. BMW has nothing to loose. It’s the same type of cars, just slightly less upscale. SAAB FOREVER!

  • morake otsogile

    i am praying that bmw buys saab. i still own my saab 95 and will buy a new one if the deal goes through. how can a good car die?

  • jarvis

    If bmw can do for saab what they did for mini they would be the saviour to an iconic brand. i hope this all comes to fruition.

  • yoda yada

    BMW needs a car for the future, a fwd high end platform. It would be a brilliant move for them to buy SAAB. A cheap upscaling.

  • viggenguy

    I believe this to be the best option for saab yet…Anything better than those Gm idiots!… (government motors,which tells the whole story…us government idiots)

  • Finnish

    I have 2 saabs. 2007 9-5 with 2-3t and 2008 9-3 with 1.9tid. Of bmw buys saab, i’ll trade both my card and get a saab that is owned by bmw.

  • Littleethrashes

     would have been good news!

  • Master-G

    Excellent News.!
    Best possible financial,manufacturing,sales,and not to mention marketing for Saab.
    The brand would not doubt shine under the banner of BMW.