BMW to Revive Triumph, Sort of

BMW to Revive Triumph, Sort of

When BMW purchased the Rover Group in 1994, it inherited the prestigious Triumph name plate though little else came of the acquisition.

That is, until the German automaker stirred up a fresh slurry of rumors by applying for a patent on the old laurel wreath emblem. Folks quickly jumped to the conclusion that BMW might resurrect the venerable brand, but those conclusions turned out to be hasty.

The trademark application is specifically for the use of the Triumph badge on a wide range of products, including clothing, jewellery, books and even Christmas tree decorations. There is no talk of a car specifically, but it does clarify that BMW hasn’t forgotten about the brand. At the very least, it may plan to release some new accessories sporting the Triumph badge.

Around the year 2000, BMW engineered a cheaper Z4 roadster with hopes to release it under the Triumph name, but the project never came to fruition. There were also some claims that a MINI roadster could be released under the Triumph name, but this reportedly caused discontent among MINI dealers.

We don’t know if BMW will bring the brand back someday or not, but at least if you can’t get the car you can still buy and nice Triumph jacket.

[Source: AutoCar]