Buick Grand National to Return as Regal GNX by SLP

Buick Grand National to Return as Regal GNX by SLP

Street Legal Performance (SLP), the boys known for beefing up muscle cars, are hatching a plan to bring the Grand National nameplate back to Buick.

SLP recently acquired the rights to “GNX”, a Buick name that carries with it quite a bit of power. SLP plans to use it on a sports performance tuned Regal GS. While the Regal GS did provide a decent amount of torque and performance, most would agree that it would benefit from more brawn, and meaner styling. The early sketch (shown above) from SLP of the GNX concept looks like what Buick should have done with the Regal GS in the first place.

The concept is said to top 300 horsepower, giving hope that it will live up to the GNX nameplate. With only 500 being produced, this will be a rare and powerful sight.

One thing is certain, reviving the GNX evokes powerful memories. The car became a performance icon in the mid ’80s when Buick made the car into a performance legend. In 1982 the Grand National came with a 4.1-liter V6 making 125 horsepower. It evolved by 1987 into a V8 killer with a 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 making 276 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque.

It wasn’t long before gearheads realized their dollars were better spent on the GNX than a Corvette, which only made 240 hp at the time with a 350 cubic-inch V8.

History aside, SLP had better pay proper tribute to this piece of American car lore, lest the fans feel sorely disappointed.

[Source: Inside Line]

  • Curtis Roys

    Listen up SLP, PLEASE get us Buick Boys an automobile we can be proud of. 300HP is a wasted effort just like the later GSX efforts of the last decade. Give us suffient HP to compete with our Ford, Chevy & Mopar 600+ HP brothers with full factory warranty, then we ca “Go Fast With Class” once again. If you do give us a car with 600+ HP put my name on the waiting list cause I’ll be waiting the first guy waiting at your front door to drive mine back to Texas. I currently own a 70 GSX, 87 GNX & 2003 GSX Stage 3 with 165K miles on it. We never put them in storage but drive & race our Buicks. That’s what cars are for.

  • 1Bad6

    Hope they wind up honoring our car. It was designed to beat the Corvette. If they dont do that, just save it. My 1987 can keep up with most new cars including the Viper. Tall order. But if they do, Fans will be in legions, just like ours is. Thank you McLaren Engineering. You did good.

  • Gnx4u

    Are you serious; what a waste it will be!! 
     In order to be a true GNX it needs to be really unique and as exceptional as the oringinal GNX.  300 hp will be weak compared to the current Hemi’s, Mustangs and Corvettes and won’t keep honor in the name.  I remember the 80’s well and there was NOTHING that a stock Grand National couldn’t take care of.   
    Why don’t they make this a real contender.  How about a twin-turbo; all-wheel drive and 6-speed trans for starters and make that a Grand National; then we can discuss another GNX!!

  • I hope SLP takes the AWD setup from an Insignia Opc if they decide to put to put out 300hp. I had a 330WHP Neon SRT-4, lets just say that much power through a front wheel drive setup gets you nothing on street tires except for sheer terror.

  • Arcticdude1

    Oh please……..300 hp??   What a bore!   I really hope they don’t ruin the dream like Pontiac did with the little ugly GTO and Dodge did with the family car 4 door Charger.  What the hell were they thinking??  I hope they Buick boys keep it alive with a two door predator competitor with 500+ ft lbs of torque and 500 hp……I will be 65 soon and be able to show Buick my retirement card so they will sell me one and kick some young a$$!!!

  • D1b38

    Hey SLP, I’ve been a performance Buick fan since I was a kid more than 30 years ago. Buick is more to me than just a car, it is a statement. A BOLD statement that says “bring it on, and we’ll take em at the track”. Horsepower to me is just a number. If you can modify and build a turbo “3.8 litre” v6 with todays technology that will crunch a 10 in the quarter,.. I believe these cars would be sold before production finishes. Of course not all would get one, but this would be the greatest tribute to a legendary machine that has given new meaning to the words “…production competition performance”.

  • Please mimic what dodge did with the challenger why not get as close to the 1987 body fiberglass the rear not a lot of round crap if you use the overdue  camaro frame MAKE IT MID SIZE !

  • Another thing when you base a potential concept on the frame of another car that already exists it looks weak gather info styling ques from Chip Foose, Jay Leno , and  Tool time tim allen , THIS CAR IS GOING TO BE CRAP IF ITS 4 DOORS , Front DRIVE ,  AND NOT MID SIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jharley88

    It better be a two door and not a 4 door

  • Deathbydeath

    This name and platform should be left alone. There is no way it will match the adoration of the originals in the 80’s. They are still to this day, not to be tested. Like the tail lights say,