Cadillac ATS Coupe Not on Hold Says PR Rep

Cadillac ATS Coupe Not on Hold Says PR Rep

A few days ago, Motor Trend reported that Cadillac was putting its ATS Coupe on the shelf for the time being, and that the convertible and wagon variants were going to be dropped completely.

But now it appears as though Cadillac may have a thing or two to say about its ATS plans – even as vague as they may be. David Caldwell, Cadillac spokesman, was recently quoted saying “There has been no recent radical shift in strategy,” in regards to the ATS. That either means the ATS Coupe hasn’t gotten anywhere on the table, or GM is still working hard at developing the variant. See what Caldwell did there?

As for those who have been reporting different variants on the ATS, including the convertible and wagon versions, Caldwell left the door open again saying “On either end of the spectrum the reporting is inaccurate.” But here’s the real statement that makes us believe that Cadillac hasn’t quite shelved the idea of ATS variants altogether: “We do plan to do variants,” Caldwell said. “We haven’t yet called our shot of how we’re going to execute that.”

What’s it all mean? To us it appears that Cadillac will play it safe by seeing how well received (or not) the ATS is in the marketplace before determining whether it’ll be ripping into variants of the model for public consumption.

[Source: Autoblog]