Cadillac Challenge Racing Series Starts this Weekend

Cadillac Challenge Racing Series Starts this Weekend

Take a long look at the track-prepped matte-black CTS-V above. That’s just one of the many cars entered in this weekend’s Cadillac Challenge. The event is the first of its kind, encouraging Cadillac owners and drivers to get down and dirty on the track.

The first event will take place at Autoclub Speedway, in Fontana, California. Over fifteen competitors have registered, including this vehicle piloted by Team Heavyweight Racing driver Bob “Onstar” Michaels.

Michaels’ car “Blackhawk” is naturally, a modified CTS-V and will likely appear alongside other D3 Group modified Cadillacs.  To learn more about the Cadillac Challenge Racing Series and the D3 Group , check out our earlier post here.

While Blackhawk will likely get a scorching time around the track, it will be penalized for having race-track ready modifications. This is done to help encourage more Cadillac owners to come join in on the fun with their stock cars.

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