Canadian Police Release List of Common Excuses for Speeding

Canadian Police Release List of Common Excuses for Speeding

Think you’ve got an original excuse to explain your speeding? Think again. A traffic unit from London, Canada released a list of the most common excuses for speeding with some amusing results.

Take a look through and see if you’ve used any of the following:

  • “I’m running out of gas and need to get to the next gas station.”
  • “I have to go to the bathroom.”
  • “I’m late for work.”
  • One speeder told the officer that it was a new car and he wasn’t used to it.
  • Another told the officer that his father had passed away. It turned out to have happened — 6 weeks prior.
  • One motorist said he was speeding to get home because his father was possibly dying. The officer led the way and called an ambulance only to find out it was all a lie.
  • Another motorist sped past a police cruiser and when stopped his excuse was that he thought police didn’t like to be tailgated so he wanted to get in front.
  • Recently a woman was ticketed for speeding on her own street. Police were conducting speed enforcement near her home. The fire department attended the area as well for an unrelated matter. When the woman saw the fire department she raced toward her home to see what was going on only to be given a ticket for speeding.

We imagine that these excuses aren’t specific to Canadians… what excuses have you ever tried to get out of a ticket? Have you tried one of these? Tell us in the comments, or better yet tweet us @AutoGuide.

  • Chad

    “I gotta pee!” is perfectly good reason to be allowed to speed. It should be added to all state laws as a legal exception.

  • Stephen Parker

    Can we use any of this in the website?

  • Shinwell

    I make myself cry and say I am late for a funeral. Whine and rant incoherently through tears until the officer becomes uncomfortable and ask me to carry on but take it easy or it will be my funeral. They say it everytme….