Cardok Lift System Stores Cars Underground in Video

Cardok Lift System Stores Cars Underground in Video

Maybe you just don’t have the room on your driveway to show off your Lamborghinis or other exotic automobiles. Solution: Install a Cardok lift system that will store your expensive vehicles underground.

Cardok has a couple of options to choose from depending on how many cars you need to stash under your driveway. The Mono version holds a single car, while the Multi version comes in double length, double width or double height. The Cardok lift system can carry some serious weight –10 tons (22,400 lbs) in combined weight.

The price of a clear driveway is going to set you back… but then again, if you can afford a few exotic cars, you’ll probably be able to afford one of these bad boys. The Mono lift system costs around $61,000 and the Multi will set you back a cool $72,000.

You can watch a video of the action after the jump.

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