Chevrolet Cruze Sation Wagon Fully Revealed

Chevrolet Cruze Sation Wagon Fully Revealed

The Chevrolet Cruze is a popular volume seller for the company, and Chevy is now bringing its Cruze sedan out in station wagon form to try and appeal to a broader range of consumers. The first full photo of the wagon dropped today, a preview of what we will see in person at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The Cruze wagon actually got more of a redesign than most manufacturers give to sedan variants it seems. The grille is tweaked a little bit, and there is new front bumper air dams and fog lights. Generally speaking it holds onto is original looks though, with the addition of the bigger rear end.

The Cruze wagon is confirmed for the European market, but as of right now still has no designs on America. Chevrolet will likely gauge European sales and decide whether to ship the wagon across the ocean.

The wagon will also be offered with a diesel power train option. The diesel powered Cruze Eco-D will come to the states, so it isn’t to hard to believe that the wagon won’t be far behind.

  • James

    Yes they should bring the Cruze wagon to the states. The sedan is selling very well. Other makers all have a wagon version of their sedans. With that being said …. bring it on GM 🙂