China Announces Government Vehicles Will be Domestic Only

China Announces Government Vehicles Will be Domestic Only

The Audi A6L (pictured above) was specifically designed and manufactured for the Chinese market. It has become extremely popular with high-placed government workers and business owners. But now, the Chinese government is putting their foot down, saying that all government vehicles will be Chinese, potentially putting a hit out on the A6L’s sales.

This is the first time in China’s recent history that vehicles purchased by state and local governments must be domestic. The list of 412 cars was released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Chinese believe it’s just part of the natural evolution of their growing auto industry.

“Most countries use official cars as a way to showcase the domestic auto industry, so we see this as a natural progression of the development of China’s automotive industry,” said a report published by Macquarie Group Ltd.

It’s clear that the Chinese are going to go out of their way to protect their domestically built vehicles, especially since they recently announced heavy duties on US imported vehicles. Whether or not these measures are too extreme remains to be seen, but clearly China wants to ensure that their local automakers can somehow survive against the more experienced manufacturing techniques from established automakers in America, Europe, and Japan.

[Source: Bloomberg]