Chinese Driver’s License Exam is Outrageous

Chinese Driver’s License Exam is Outrageous

Listen kids, if you thought it was tough to get your driver’s license in America, wait until you see China’s test. Sure it’s filled with questions on road laws, dangerous chemicals and safety concerns, but some of these questions are ridiculous.

Traditional true or false sections are replaced with right or wrong statements and some of them make sense, for example:

“When a motorized vehicle breaks down on the expressway, the persons on board should swiftly move to the front of the vehicle for hiding.”

Answer: Wrong.

After looking through the 120 page document of test questions and answers, there are a few that are a bit more puzzling.

One question that shows the strict nature of the driving laws in China states:

“When a motorized vehicle is on the road, the people inside the vehicle are not allowed to stick their heads out of the window but may stretch their hands out of the window.”

Answer: Wrong.

So drivers and passengers may never get the chance to feel the wind blowing through their hands as they drive on a warm summers day… But our heads? Sure!

The sign in the picture means _______.

A. Danger

B. No passing for all motor vehicles

C. No tailgating

D. Accident-prone section

Answer: D

Thanks for the heads up…

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

  • Mazdized

    I just passed my written test, its not that hard.

  • Do you find Chinese version driver’s license exam in USA? If not, why do you complain about English version driver’s license exam in China? At least you have a chance to get your Chinese License without learning Chinese.

  • wayland

    Beijingesc, the written exam for the USA DMV is available in other languages as well, like Chinese. The more you know…

  • John

    Americans are spoiled idiots who love to complain.