Chinese Investment Firm Purchases De Tomaso

Chinese Investment Firm Purchases De Tomaso

A subsidiary of Chinese investment firm Hotyork Investment Group has reportedly purchased automaker De Tomaso.

The Italian automaker was recently revived thanks to the work of former Fiat CEO Gianmario Rossignolo back in 2009, but quickly ran into financial problems trying to launch three new vehicles.

There aren’t many details being released at the moment and no official statement has been made, but Qiu Kunjian recently said, “We closely considered the business plan and we believe in the opportunity to develop all the valuable potential of the company. We are working to finalize the last details and implement the agreement in the coming of days.”

De Tomaso has a promising future if their three new models make it to market. Currently in the works is a new sedan, crossover, and successor to the Pantera.

Should this come to be, we’ll be especially excited to see a morden Pantera hitting the road. For those who don’t remember, when it was produced, the Pantera was a marriage between American muscle and Italian style that used a Ford 5.8-liter V8, but looked very Italian.