Chrysler Barracuda to Replace Dodge Challenger

Chrysler Barracuda to Replace Dodge Challenger

American automaker Chrysler is reportedly considering which upcoming model will replace the Dodge Challenger. The newest rumor to sneak out is that Ralph Gilles, Chrysler Design Chief and head of the new SRT division, is looking to roll out a modern Barracuda.

It is believed that if a new-generation Barracuda was to replace the Challenger, it would be lighter and smaller but will be rear-wheel drive. Presently, Chrysler and Fiat together are developing a new platform that’s smaller than the current Charger/300s. And unlike the current Challenger which was made long in order to mimic the 1970 to 1974 Challenger’s proportions, the new Barracuda won’t be such a literal interpretation of its classic models.

“Ralph’s always wanted to do a new Barracuda,” one well-placed source told Motor Trend.

It would even be more interesting to see if Chrysler brands the new Barracuda as an SRT model, like the upcoming Viper, rather than a Dodge vehicle.

[Source: Motor Trend]

  • Carl

    For now how about using the Chargers modern dash layout and 8 speed automatic to keep the current car current. Externally Challenger is exactly what it should be. A modern interpretation of a classic. It is the most American looking car on the market. Retro done right!
    I speak for all cars!